We provide a comprehensive audit for your WordPress & WooCommerce websites.

The expert engineers of WPPro will handle the auditing session, which includes searching for issues, document functionality and, if necessary, making recommendations. Through this, we also get a thorough insight into your website, which allows improved our support system.
WooCommerce & WordPress Website Audit

The website auditing session is part of your monthly plan packages

Audit Process

We initiate an audit session as soon as you sign up for our monthly plan. We will look for findings throughout the procedure and get back to you with suggestions.

Here is a checklist of how we perform our audit tasks on your WordPress sites.

1. Set up your site & get connected

2. Hosting Options

However, if you are hosting with other providers, we may need to know the following,

3. Initial site errors

We look for,

4. Security

We look for,

5. Data Clean-up

6. Check Functionality

We need to understand and document what the site does clearly. As we move further, we may make changes accordingly in the documentation.

7. Contact Forms and Integrations

8. Update Setup

9. Site Performance

We will check for the following,

10. Monitoring and Schedule

We will check for the following,