Increase Landing Page Conversion

Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rate

It could be frustrating if you get tons of traffic but fail to turn them into conversion. There’s nothing more distressing than a low landing conversion rate. With landing pages, you can convert users to subscribers, customers, and leads.   

 The low conversion could be because of several reasons. Marketers need to analyze the possibilities. However, you may not always find the exact reason. So why not figure out tactics that can help you increase your landing page conversion rate? If you are looking for some ideas, we have compiled some effective ways to increase the landing page conversion rate 

What is considered a Good Conversion Rate for Landing Page?

The definite number of reasonable conversion rates varies. It depends on various factors such as landing page design, products, and call-to-action. Nevertheless, a more typical value would be 5 to 15% for an email opt-in landing page. Again, companies with successful rates seem to have around 20-25% conversion rates. It could also reach up to 30% or higher for companies achieving outstanding results. The conversion rate depends on the strategies that you follow. There are proven ways you can get to a significant number as well. Continue reading to know more about the techniques that help increase landing page conversion rate. 


Aesthetic is essential in website design but knowing where to input what or the correct quantity of elements is also crucial. Without having vast design knowledge, you may not know how to present a landing page for higher conversion. However, even without the help of an expert designer, you can use the plugin name SeedProd to design a well-optimized landing page for conversions and sales effortlessly. 


You can follow a straightforward process, install the plugin, and start working immediately. Either choose between a blank template or a pre-made landing page optimized for conversion. 

Though there are still several other factors to include, this is one of the crucial ways you can improve the landing page conversion rate. 

Improve Your Page Loading Speed

Website loading page makes a significant difference in driving traffic, decreasing bounce rate, user experience, conversion rate, and ranking factor. Data shows that even a 1-second delay in page loading can negatively affect the conversion rate by 7%. 


Some factors responsible for the slow loading of your landing pages are unoptimized oversized images, too many ads, excessive flash content, avoiding caching techniques, unclean code, JavaScript issues, and more. An experiment on 18,639 landing pages shows that optimised small-sized images led to an average conversion rate of 11.4%, while pages with large photos get only 9.8%.  

Keep Call-to-Action (CTA) to Minimum

While call-to-action is essential for a landing page, you do not want too many of them. It distracts and confuses the viewers, which may even compel them to leave without acting.  


You must set one or two at most courses of action for users. Set them according to your purpose or objective. For example, if you want more email leads to your website, you can introduce activities related to capturing emails. 


Research on landing pages with a single call-to-action shows an average conversion rate of 13.5%, while two to four call-to-action shows an 11.9%. With five or more, the percentage decreases to 10.5%. 

Pay Attention to Designing

It only takes a few seconds to minutes for users to decide on whether they will stay on your page or not. To make the landing page visually appealing proper design and techniques are necessary.  


Here are some ideas that can attract visitors as well as help you increase conversion rate:  


  • The addition of multimedia elements gives life to the landing page. Observe a conversion rate growth of 86% simply by including videos. However, please do not go overboard with it. asdasdasdasdasdsdas 
  • Keep your design clean and simple. You do not want to distract users away with a cluttered landing page. Instead, use enough empty spaces, large fonts, and colour contrast to keep the page uncomplicated and appeal to users.  
  • Do not add excessive text on the landing pages. Fewer and to-the-point text can help you receive more conversion. For instance, a business landing page with fewer than 100 words can bring 50% more conversion than pages with 500 words.  
  • Use bright and contrasting colours. Plus, use this technique to distract users from less critical information.  

Include Social Proof to Your Landing Page

Social proofs such as reviews can validate your page and attract new users to venture into your product or services. At present, people, when purchasing, tend to look for reviews or recommendations by others.   


There are many ways you can initiate social proof to your landing page. One popular method is to add testimonials from the customers. To make it easier, use plugins such as SeedProd or TrustPulse, which allows built-in testimonials for your landing pages. 

Optimise Landing Page for Mobile

Optimise Landing Page for Mobile  

With people spending more than double the time on mobile to access the internet, optimising a website for mobile devices is essential. Similarly, optimisation of landing pages is crucial as well. Research on landing pages shows that mobile-friendly pages get a conversion rate of 11.7% compared to desktop pages which get 10.7 per cent.  


Not only do you need to make your landing page responsive, but you should also consider the interaction of the users on both your desktop and mobile sites. For instance, you should introduce shorter, multiple-choice sign-up forms for mobile pages, not something too complicated or extensive.    

Include a Live Chat Option

There are a few potential benefits of using live chat on your landing page. 


First, live chat can help you identify potential customers who have questions or concerns about your product. By addressing these concerns in real-time, you can prevent them from leaving your page without converting. 


Second, live chat can help increase the speed of your customer service response. It can be beneficial if you run a sale or promotion and want to ensure that customers receive the fastest possible reply. 


Third, live chat provides an opportunity for you to build customer loyalty. By providing superior customer service through live chat, you can create repeat customers who are more likely to convert in the future. 


The most popular and user-friendly contact form plug – in for Word Press is WP Forms. 

Test Your Landing Page

Testing is crucial to know whether the strategies you implemented work correctly for your page and have shown beneficial results. Even a tiny step can influence your landing pages, impacting your conversion rate. 


Data shows that companies that perform 50 per cent more tests improved their conversion rates compared to those that conducted fewer tests.   

Introduce Timely Prompts for Abandoning Visitors

What if you could grab the visitors’ attention just when they are about to leave? Yes, it is possible! A timely prompt message can help reduce the number of abandoning visitors by reminding them what their next steps are and providing them with easy access to the information or product they need. It can also be used to increase conversion rates by offering an incentive, like free shipping or discounted prices, to customers who complete their purchase. 


One of the best ways to do that is to use a powerful tool like Optin Monster. With Optin Monster, you can create beautiful landing pages that are designed to convert. They make it easy to get started with their pre-made templates and drag-and-drop builder. They have a ton of features that will help you boost your conversion rates, including: 


  • A/B testing – so you can test different versions of your landing page to see what works best 
  • Exit intent – so you can capture leads who are about to leave your site 
  • Scroll trigger – so you can show a targeted offer or message only after a user has engaged with your content for a specific amount of time. 

Optimize Your Landing Page for SEO

If you’re running a WordPress website, then you know how important it is to have solid SEO practices in place. One easy way to improve your WordPress site’s SEO is by using an All-in-One SEO plugin. 


All-in-One SEO is a great plugin because it allows you to control all of your website’s meta data from a single location. This is important because meta data is one of the most important factors that search engines use to determine how to rank your website. 


All-in-One SEO also makes it easy to add custom titles, descriptions, and keywords for each of your pages, which can help you improve your website’s ranking even further. And finally, the plugin also includes built-in support for Google Analytics, so you can track how well your website is performing over time. 

Final Thoughts

Landing pages are an essential part of any online marketing strategy, but if they’re not designed and implemented correctly, you could be losing out on valuable leads and customers. By following the techniques we’ve outlined in this post, you can ensure that your landing pages are effective at converting browsers into buyers. If you need help putting these techniques into practice or would like assistance creating a high-converting landing page, our team at WP Pro Support is here to help.