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Getting started with WPPro

You first need to contact us to our WordPress maintenance service to start working with us. Then, we will connect you with an engineer who will guide you through the following processes. We will be fixing the urgent problems first. If not, you will get on board with us on the continuous maintenance system.

We will request you to give us your logins of present web hosting and WordPress admin. If you aren’t aware of them, we will help you retrieve them.
We have a secure online system by which you can safely provide us with your login information.
We will find out if the software you are using is outdated or not. If so, we will update them to the latest.
Yes, this is one of our initial tasks to conduct an entire audit of your website when you sign up with us.
We take backups of a site twice a day. We usually store these for 30 days, and in the unlimited plan, we keep them forever.
Yes, it is possible. We set no limit to the number of tasks you can request. We follow a triage method so that they do not clash.
Yes, if it does not involve designing or developing a website, we will do that for you.
There is no minimum period. After the payment is made, you are allowed to cancel at any time. Unfortunately, for an early cancellation, we cannot offer you a refund.
It is one of our biggest priorities to satisfy our clients. If you inform us about your dissatisfaction, we will gladly make a refund.
Yes, the more websites you add to our service, the overall pricing decreases.